The Best Books on Bullying

Book 1

Bye-Bye Bully
Bye-Bye Bully" teaches kindness and standing up against bullying. Join Wyatt Kangaroo and friends in this fun, empowering adventure for ages 4-9.

Book 2

Bye-Bye Bully
"Monty Manatee" is beloved worldwide, teaching kindness and friendship. Perfect for ages 2-10, it sparks discussions on bullying and empathy, ideal for bedtime or classroom reading

Book 3

Dragon and the Bully
Parents praise how "Dragon Books" help kids with autism, ODD, ADHD, and sensory issues understand emotions and handle bullies effectively.

Book 4

Tease Monster
One of a Kind" teaches kids about bullying. Its protagonist learns to differentiate between friendly teasing and hurtful behavior, empowering children to stand up for themselves.


The No More Bullying Book for Kids
No More Bullying for Kids" equips 8-12-year-olds with skills to combat bullying. It provides tools to recognize and address bullying situations effectively.
A child's hands held up with the words 'stop' and 'bullying' written on them, set against a yellow background.

The best books on bullying provide comprehensive insights into this aggressive behavior, characterized by deliberate, repeated actions causing pain, injury, or discomfort to others. Using force, coercion, or hurtful teasing, bullying can manifest as individual acts or group mobbing, where a primary bully is assisted or encouraged by others. This behavior is often habitual and comes with significant repercussions.

Studies have shown that victims of bullying face a wide array of adverse health and psychosocial problems, highlighting the critical need for awareness and intervention. These books delve into various aspects of bullying, offering knowledge and strategies for understanding, preventing, and responding to this complex issue.[1]

Top 5 Best Books on Bullying

As you read on, we will take you through the best books on bullying available today to help you on your journey to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Best Choice: Bye-Bye Bully: A Story about Finding Your Voice, Courage, Kindness and Empathy

Colorful children's book cover featuring a cartoon kangaroo and lion titled 'Bye-Bye Bully', promoting positive social interactions in a post about the best books on bullying
  • Our Rating: 9.8
  • Amazon Rating: 4.8/5
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.9/5
  • Price: View Price
  • Publication Date: July 26, 2023
  • Book Length: 39 pages
  • Language: English
  • Author: Stacy C. Bauer 

Book Description:

Bye-Bye Bully by Stacy C. Bauer is a book that speaks about kindness, compassion, and doing what's right even when it's really hard. In the book, Wyatt Kangaroo and his friends love recess, but when Lenny Lion starts to bully them, it makes them all miserable. Will Wyatt and his friends find out a way to stop Lenny's bullying? Find out in this fun adventurous book all about friendship, empathy and standing up for what is right.

This book is ideal for boys and girls aged 4-9, teachers from preschool through third grade, parents and grandparents with little ones in their lives, anyone looking to teach children about empathy, friendship and compassion and finally any child struggling with bullying.

About the Author:

Stacy C Bauer was born and raised in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN. She is a wife, teacher, and mother of two. Bauer has been writing since she was a child and loves sharing stories of her kids' antics and making people laugh. In addition, she, wishes to inspire people around the world to make a difference with her newest endeavor, the nonfiction book series Young Change Makers.

Good Reviews:

A user stated that any child who has faced a bully is going to "identify with this book". [2]They also reported that this would be a great book for SEL lessons, adding that it would be a wonderful conversation starter for any child currently experiencing bullying to let them know they aren't alone and that there is hope for the bullying to stop. [2]

Another satisfied user felt that books like this one are needed in this day and age. According to them, this book was well written as it is a story most people can relate to. They added that they loved everything about it. [3]

Bad Reviews:

We are currently unable to place our hands on any bad reviews of this book for now.

Potential Strengths:

  • Colorful, engaging illustrations
  • A fun and adventurous story
  • Characters kids can relate to
  • Beautiful and professionally done
  • Supports children/students who are experiencing bullying

Runner Up: Monty the Manatee: A Book about Kindness and Anti-Bullying

Illustrated book cover of 'Monty the Manatee' with a smiling manatee swimming among colorful sea plants and creatures in a post about the best books on bullying
  • Our Rating: 9.6
  • Amazon Rating: 4.7/5
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.5/5
  • Price: View Price
  • Publication Date: October 31, 2018
  • Book Length: 38 pages
  • Language: English
  • Author: Natalie Pritchard

Book Description:

This book is a firm favorite of both children and parents across the globe. Monty Manatee is a charming, uplifting tale which explores themes of bullying and friendship and emphasizes the importance of being kind.  It contains beautifully illustrated picture books and is suitable for young readers aged from two to ten. In addition, it's decent for either bedtime reading or as a story in the classroom to encourage discussions on friendships, bullying and being kind to others.

Good Reviews:

A user reported that their two grandsons loved everything about the book and that the book was a nice way for them to learn. They also found two stuffed manatees for them and they now love manatees. [4]

Another satisfied user mentioned that the art in this book is beautiful and that the storyline is "moving". They added that it is a "great little book" for their grandchildren who love manatees. [5] Another user suggested that this book is appropriate for 5+-year-olds and a great lesson in bullying. [6]

Bad Reviews:

An unsatisfied user complained that the book is a story about bullying but the other kids only liked the manatee once they found out he could protect them. According to this user, the story could have put more emphasis on the fact that the manatee was willing to save the others even though they were mean to him. [7]

Potential Strengths:

  • Very good for children
  • Nice storyline
  • Fun to read
  • Written in rhyme
  • Contains great illustrated pictures for pre-schoolers
  • Impressive art

Potential Weaknesses:

  • Didn't emphasize the selflessness of the manatee.

Best Value for Money: Dragon and the Bully: Teach Your Dragon How To Deal With The Bully

Colorful children's book cover featuring 'Dragon & The Bully' with a sad boy and an intimidating red dragon character in a post about the best books on bullying
  • Our Rating: 9.4
  • Amazon Rating: 4.7/5
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.5/5
  • Price: View Price
  • Publication Date: March 5, 2018
  • Book Length: 46 pages
  • Language: English
  • Author: Steve Herman

Book Description:

This is a book for children and parents who intend to learn about dealing with bullying in schools. This dragon book has been used and recommended by many parents, grandparents, teachers, school counselors, therapists, and psychologists to help children overcome social and emotional challenges in a fun, effective, and relatable ways.

About the Author:

The author of this book, Steve Herman, is a best-selling children's books author and he is very passionate about teaching children valuable social and emotional life lessons through his nice, fun, and relatable Dragon Books.

Good Reviews:

A user reported that with this book for the first time, their son who has autism, ODD, ADHD, and Sensory Perception Disorder, really absorbs the story and the lesson. They also added that the best of all is it communicates at the kids' level without talking down on them. [8]

Another user expressed that they love the Dragon Books, stating that it is great for teaching children how to process their emotions when dealing with bullies and what to do in these situations. [9] Another happy user reported that their son (an early 4-year-old) loves this book and also the paperback quality is very nice. [10]

Bad Reviews:

A user reported that not all bullies respond the same way and that the advice to be kind can worsen the bully situation. They advised that the author should be more careful with their ideas about how to deal with bullies. [11]

Another dissatisfied user said that there is no super education for teaching a child how to deal with bullies. [12]

Potential Strengths: 

  • Very well-written story suitable for children
  • Contains important lessons on how a child or teenage girl/boy can deal with a school bully.
  • Great for teaching a child on how to process their emotions when dealing with bullies 

Potential Weaknesses:

  • The author may not have been careful with their ideas on how to deal with bullies personally.

Underrated Gem: Tease Monster: A Book About Teasing vs. Bullying (Building Relationships)

Colorful cover of 'Tease Monster', a children's book featuring cartoonish monsters, with text about teasing versus bullying in a post about the best books on bullying
  • Our Rating: 8.8
  • Amazon Rating: 4.7/5
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.9/5
  • Price: View Price
  • Publication Date: March 11, 2013
  • Book Length: 32 pages
  • Language: English
  • Author: Julia Cook, M.S.

Book Description:

This book helps kids learn about teasing and bullying and what to do about them . The star of this tale is a character named One of a Kind. He knows there is not anyone else in the world just like him. He likes being himself, but sometimes the others tease him. Are the teasers his friends or foes? That is what One of a Kind must figure out by learning the difference between nice teasing and harsh teasing.

About the Author:

Julia Cook is a former school counselor and teacher who "never dreamed she could evolve" into a national award-winning children's author and inspirational speaker. She has millions of books in print.

Cook has been endorsed by organizations including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Safe and Sound (a Sandy Hook initiative), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Childwatch of North America, Childhelp, Darkness to Light, the Alaska Department of Education, and USA Volleyball.

Good Reviews:

A user mentioned that Julia Cook's books are great, saying her students enjoy listening to them and they are probably most effective for kids under the age of 10. [13] Another user stated that Julia Cook is one of their favorite authors. [14]

A user reported that their son who was 10 years old, likes to tease others, in different situations, but he hates when someone laughs at him. So, this book showed him that "whatever you do to others you must expect for yourself". [15]

Bad Reviews:

A user pointed out that there were a few things they didn't quite agree with in this book, such as name calling. [16] Another dissatisfied user, a counselor who teaches elementary school-age children how best to treat each other, reported that they had high hopes for this book which it didn't meet. [17]. They added that the first few pages of the book are great– that teasing is not acting in a kind way, but then that the book attempts to separate teasing into two categories, mean teasing and "just joking" type of teasing. [17]

Potential Strengths:

  • Suitable for kids below 10
  • Very perfect for at-home use
  • Wonderful subject
  • Well-written

Potential Weaknesses:

  • Confusing content
  • Partially correct information
  • Controversial storyline

Low Price: The No More Bullying Book for Kids: Become Strong, Happy, and Bully-Proof

Illustrated book cover of 'Monty the Manatee' with a smiling manatee swimming among colorful sea plants and creatures in a post about the best books on bullying
  • Our Rating: 8.7
  • Amazon Rating: 4.6/5
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.1/5
  • Price: View Price
  • Publication Date: June 26, 2019
  • Book Length: 90 pages
  • Language: English
  • Authors: Emmeline Pidgen and Vanessa Green Allen 

Book Description:

The No More Bullying for Kids helps kids ages 8 to 12 build the skills and resilience to stop bullying behavior. This book offers kids the information they need to identify bullying, followed by strategies for dealing with specific situations when they or someone they know is being bullied.

About the Author:

Emmeline Pidgen is an illustrator who creates books, book covers, commercial art, and comics from a studio based in the North West of England. Her work focuses on a strong sense of narrative and character, as well as using bold color palettes. Pidgen has illustrated for clients such as Egmont Publishing, Tesco, and IDW Publishing and was named UK Freelancer of the Year in 2016.

Vanessa Green Allen is a professional school counselor who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Vanessa received her Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education from North Carolina Central University and her Master of Education degree in counseling from North Carolina State University.

Good Reviews:

A satisfied user expressed their gratitude to the authors, narrating that they got the book for their cousin who is small in stature and has problems with other girls bullying her because she is more of a "tomboy". They purchased this book and believe it's helping her. [18]

Another user opined that the book is great if you are a parent struggling with how to talk to your child about what exactly is bullying. They suggested that the book is a great to read with your child, explaining as you go. [19]

Bad Reviews:

One displeased user reported that the book was not what they expected, adding that it was boring to read. [20]

Potential Strengths:

  • Contains great information
  • Contains great explanations
  • Kid-friendly
  • Contains various methods of dealing with bullies

Potential Strengths: 

  • May be boring to read

How to Use Books on Bullying

Books on bullying are a practical tool on how to overcome unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance among school-aged children. The books are designed to help people, especially teens, identify bully behavior and bullies and how to get help. It will teach the bully the consequences of bullying other people and how to abstain from it.

Here are some steps on how to use books on bullying effectively:

  • Start by reading through the book to get the important points.
  • Set aside a specific day and time to read each chapter or page.
  • Make sure you go through the book and follow the instructions thoroughly and honestly.
  • Check your level of progress as you read the book.
  • Ensure to reach out for help and support when you are bullied.

Benefits of Books on Bully Behavior

Here are some advantages of reading books on bully behavior:

  • They teach children and adolescents positive ways of dealing with a school bully.
  • They help to increase the self esteem of teens who suffered from a cruel bully or other hardships.
  • They show individuals how to stand up for their classmates and friends or other kids or teenagers who are experiencing bullying in their schools.
  • They are usually picture books that contain interesting stories on how kids and children of other ages can stand up for themselves.
  • They contain various preventive methods of bullying at schools and in the classrooms.
  • Some contain idea about cyberbullying and how to deal with it.


Bullying behavior is a serious concern among school-age children and adolescents. It has short-term and long-term effects on the victim, the bully, and other bystander present during the bullying event. Bullying may include verbal abuse and even physical injury. Most times, the bullied individual usually has trouble defending themselves and does nothing to cause the bullying.

Children who bully typically come from a perceived higher social status or position of power, such as children who are stronger, bigger, or perceived to be popular. However, using books on bullying can be a powerful tool in helping individuals who are bullied stand up for themselves or seek help. It will also teach bullies to abstain from the act.


What are books on bullying?

Books on bullying are self-help books designed to assist individuals experiencing bullying. They typically include activities and instructions aimed at helping the user recognize, understand, and free themselves from bullying.

What is the root cause of bullying?

The root cause of bullying is a lack of empathy and understanding. Other common reasons why someone may bully others are to gain a sense of power among their classmates, to get attention or become popular, to get things they want, or because they are being bullied themselves.


  1. Consequences of bullying victimization in childhood and adolescence: A systematic review and meta-analysis

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