Strategies On How To Overcome Love Addiction

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November 22, 2023

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Strategies On How To Overcome Love Addiction
- Develop an understanding of your triggers
- Learn about love addiction
- Avoid getting into new relationships
- Develop a firm foundation in the present
- Invest in good relationships
- Invest in online therapy

Incorporating strategies on how to overcome love addiction, it's important to understand that this condition is characterized by an unhealthy clinginess to a romantic partner, often leading to fixations and compulsions in those involved in the relationship.

Love addiction not only harms the individuals in the relationship but can also manifest in detrimental behaviors from those who are addicted. [1]

Individuals suffering from love addiction often prioritize satisfying their loved ones at the expense of their own satisfaction and pleasure. This addiction can have severe consequences, including separation and divorce, extramarital affairs, diminished job performance, relationship conflicts, reduced focus on daily tasks, mental health issues, enmeshment, clinginess, and emotional distress such as anxiety and despair.[2]

In this article, we will talk about strategies on how to overcome love addiction.

How To Overcome Love Addiction

Admitting that you have a problem is one of the most complex parts of dealing with love addiction. Many people who exhibit unhealthy patterns of love addiction cannot understand why having strong feelings for someone all the time is harmful. [3]

As soon as you see any signs of addictive behaviors, get professional help. You can learn more positive methods of showing affection with therapy and care.

Here are some ways to deal with your love addiction:

Develop an Understanding of Your Triggers

Suppose your ex-partner is the trigger of your addiction. In that case, you may feel terrible dwelling on your fixation with them. When you encounter a reminder of them, seize the opportunity to eliminate it. Delete their phone number, erase photographs, and conceal presents.

Experiencing reminders of your ex-partner may do more harm than good. What you concentrate on, usually grows bigger. So, choose to move on!

Learn About Love Addiction

Gaining knowledge about love addiction is empowering. Understanding why your concept of love is obsessive can be enlightening. A love/relationship expert can provide valuable information to help you overcome your addiction and develop healthier coping mechanisms. For awhile, avoid getting into new relationships.

For a While, Avoid Getting into New Relationships

Refraining from developing a new love connection after the healing process has begun is advisable. It would be best if you first cured yourself. Find fulfillment inside oneself as opposed to in another person.

Having a partner does not complete you. Over time, you might discover significance, stability, and strength inside yourself.

Develop a Firm Foundation in the Present

It is easy to get your brain stuck in a love addict situation. Observe when thoughts of the past or future enter your mind.

Grounding yourself in the present moment can help you separate yourself from these thoughts and decrease worry, tension, and despair. Focus on what you currently hear, see, and feel.

Invest in Good Relationships

You surrender your autonomy and give the person you love authority when engaging in the harmful behaviors of love addiction. These routines have the potential to become the bedrock of the relationship.

Having a supportive community is essential for addiction recovery and emotional challenges. Prioritizing your connection with yourself is a critical element in the healing process.

Take care of yourself by engaging in enjoyable fun leisure activities, exercising regularly, eating a good diet, and surrounding yourself with loving people. Concentrate on self-care to facilitate the healing process and positive affirmations.

Therapies for Love Addiction

Addressing deeper issues of shame and emptiness is often necessary. Mindfulness training, like that offered in cognitive behavioral therapy, can be beneficial. Online therapy can also be a valuable resource for those preferring privacy. [4]

Those struggling with a love addiction who prefer the privacy of at-home treatment can find success with online therapy and mental health resources.

Anxiety associated with love addiction can be significantly alleviated by meditation and the cultivation of self-love and self-worth, which help the anxious person increase their sense of value and satiation. [5]

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What is Love Addiction?

Love addiction is a highly contested and controversial disorder. It is an abnormal addiction to romantic love. Love addiction can produce mental health issues, unhealthy behaviors, and uncomfortable feelings and even lead to substance abuse or contribute to the breakup of a relationship. [6]

Moreover, it is a condition that causes significant mental suffering, compulsive behaviors, and even sexually-related obsessions. [6]

As a result, individuals struggling with love addiction may find themselves in unstable associations, such as toxic or abusive ones, which can be psychologically and physically harmful. Unfortunately, many may not see the risks associated with such relationships. [6]

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How Do You Know You're Addicted to Love?

The manifestations of love addiction vary among individuals. The most recognizable sign of love addiction is an unhealthy fixation on your lover that causes you to engage in compulsive behaviors, such as calling them excessively or stalking them.

Typical manifestations of love addiction are as follows:

  • Mistaking passionate sexual encounters and romantic novelty for love.
  • Constantly desiring and seeking a romantic relationship.
  • Desperate to please and scared of the other person's unhappiness in a romantic relationship.
  • Feeling desperation and loneliness when single.
  • Incapacity to continue an intimate connection after the novelty and excitement have subsided.
  • Finding solitude uncomfortable or emotionally trying.
  • When not in a relationship, utilizing sex and fantasies compulsively alleviates loneliness.
  • Selecting partners that are emotionally unavailable or verbally and physically violent.
  • Selecting partners who require a significant deal of care and attention but do not meet or even attempt to meet your emotional or physical demands. [7]You can take this quick addiction test to see if you're addicted to love.
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Factors That Contribute To Love Addiction

Some factors that contribute to love addiction include:

Low Self-Esteem

Many individuals with low self-esteem believe their partners or lovers will fulfill their needs and desires. [8]

This idea can contribute to love addiction and unstable relationships by fostering an excessive dependence on romantic partners for happiness.

Childhood Trauma and Traumatic Experiences

Some people have some childhood trauma or traumatic experiences, which makes them behave obsessively or abusively around those they love.

Unstable Attachments in Childhood

If you have abandonment wounds from your upbringing, you may long for romantic love. This unfulfilled desire drives your relationships, thereby making you idolize romantic partners.


Many people with love addiction stick to their relationships out of fear of abandonment or not finding it easy with a new relationship when confronted with their connection wounds.


A person with an unhealthy attachment to love is addicted to love. They may engage in risky behaviors to maintain romantic relationships or exhibit toxic and abusive behaviors. Like other addictive activities, these worsen things in the long run. So, striving to overcome love addiction and build a healthy relationship is best.

You can begin the process of recovery from love addiction by consulting a doctor, a mental health professional, or a licensed therapist and implementing self-soothe and coping practices.


What causes love addiction?

Some causes of love addiction are trauma, unstable childhood, low self-esteem, and fear of rejection. People who lack confidence or have an unsupportive upbringing may spend their lives seeking others' approval.

How can I overcome my emotional addiction?

Have patience! You shouldn't expect immediate transformation since most individuals acquire emotional addictions over decades. Dedicate yourself to the task, yet take necessary pauses. It takes time to reprogram how your brain reacts to conditions. Maintain a positive attitude and enjoy minor triumphs along the road.


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